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Dented Lens Photography was officially founded in early 2007. However, both photographers have been taking pictures for many years. Since then, together they have grown exponentially in their knowledge and creativity with photography. While working together for several years has given them an uncanny ability to share similar thoughts and ideas with regard to photography, each bring with them their own unique style of shooting, allowing the customer to really experience two photographers for the price of one.

Matthew O'Leary

Matthew O'Leary

Matthew O'Leary began his photography career in the early years of digital with a focus on colorful landscapes and nature. After meeting Anthony, his passion for photography grew to incorporate all aspects of the art form - painting with light, interesting angles, mixed b&w and color, touch-ups, and even the printing process. Matthew acts as the main shooter, but often thrives on involvement from both Anthony and the client. In his spare time, he enjoys video games, reading, and graphic design. Matthew is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop.

Anthony Roberts

Anthony Roberts

Anthony Roberts was classically trained using film and began his photography with such. Shooting primarily black and white landscape photography, Anthony brought his unique vision and classical background to the business, combining it with Matt's style to make a hybrid of the two: a unique artistic style with modern overtones. Anthony now shoots with digital and enjoys acting as a creative director, giving advice and suggestions to models and clients to make unique scenes. In his spare time he enjoys reading, video games, travel, and writing biographies of himself in the third person.

Why the name "dented lens"?

When Anthony began his photography in 1996, he purchased his first camera from a friend - a used Minolta X-700 manual 35mm film camera. The camera came with a 28-55mm lens which had a massive dent in the side, one so large that to look at it you'd guess it would be unusable. But the friend assured Anthony that the lens worked and produced excellent shots - and indeed it did. Everything about it worked, despite the massive dent in the side, and it became a novel conversation piece. Anthony felt that it brought him good luck, and when he switched to a Canon digital camera years later he passed it along to another friend in the hopes that it would bring them luck and continue to inspire their photography. Out of homage to this unique part of our past, the name "Dented Lens" just stuck.